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Line 23 – Educator Expenses

Line 24 – Certain Business Expenses of Reservists, Performing                 Artists, and Fee-Basis Government Officials

Line 25 – Health Savings Account (HSA) Deduction

Line 26 – Moving Expenses

Line 27 – Deductible Part of Self-Employment Tax

Line 28 – Self-Employed SEP, SIMPLE, and Qualified Plans

Line 29 – Self-Employed Health Insurance Deduction

Line 30 – Penalty on Early Withdrawal of Savings

Line 31 – Alimony Paid

Line 32 – IRA Deduction

Line 33 - Student Loan Interest Deduction

Line 34 – Tuition and Fees Deduction

Line 35 – Domestic Production Activities Deduction

Line 36 – Total of Lines 23 through 35


Your total income (or as it is commonly called, gross income) less your adjustments equals your adjusted gross income. Your adjustments to gross income (which are usually called above-the-line deductions) are reported on the lines in the Adjusted Gross Income section. Your adjusted gross income is reported on the final line of this section.

Lines in Adjusted Gross Income Section

Line 23 - Educator Expenses: If you were an eligible educator for the year, you can deduct on line 23 up to $250 of qualified expenses you paid during the year. If you and your spouse are filing jointly and both of you were eligible educators, you can each deduct $250 ($500 in aggregate). For more information concerning who is an eligible educator and what expenses may be deducted, go to the Educator Expenses page.

Line 24 – Certain Business Expenses of Reservists, Performing Artists, and Fee-Basis Government Officials: The following deductions are reported on line 24.

Chapter 3 – Adjusted Gross Income

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