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Chapter 8 – Third Party Designee/ Signature

Third Party Designee Explained

Length of Designation Period

Signature on Return

Electronic Signatures

Preparer Signature

Third Party Designee

If you want to allow your  tax return preparer, a friend, a family member, or any other person you choose to discuss your tax return with the IRS, check the “Yes” box in the “Third Party Designee” area of your return. Also, enter the designee's name, phone number, and any five digits the designee chooses as his or her personal identification number (PIN).

What you are authorizing the designee to do: If you check the “Yes” box, you, and your spouse if filing a joint return, are authorizing the IRS to call the designee to answer any questions that may arise during the processing of your return. You are also authorizing the designee to:

What you are not authorizing the designee to do: You are not authorizing the designee to receive any refund check, bind you to anything (including any additional tax liability), or otherwise represent you before the IRS. If you want to expand the designee's authorization, see Publication 947, Practice Before the IRS and Power of Attorney.

Length of Designation Period: The authorization will automatically end no later than the due date (without regard to extensions) for filing your 2017 tax return. For most people, this is April 17, 2018.

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